DAG Silver
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Silver bullion, silver bars, silver coins, silver certificates, silver contracts, silver stock, silver metal, silver ore, silver credits;
Alternative silver capital for protection against investment losses and hyperinflation

Why silver?
Historic Silver Prices
All-time high: $ 806 per ounce, adjusted for inflation in USD from 2016;
Silver to Gold value around 1500 which is 11 to 1, later 16 to 1, today partly over 100 to 1!

Manipulated Silver Price
Silver is very undervalued since decades. In a manipulated market, the silver price is artificially low.
Demand has exceeded supply for years and is increasing at about 4% per annum.
This is trivialized by several tricks:
• Forward Contracts: You are selling silver that has not yet been produced / mined.
• Lending: Trade in leasing contracts (lent silver);
• Silver certificates: Silver stocks sold multiple times.

Silver reserves
Silver is a limited resource.
Silver appears solid, predominantly on the surface of the earth.
In contrast to gold, the silver concentration decreases with increasing depth, making silver production more and more expensive.
These facts suggest that the old silver-gold price ratio could be regained from about 15 to 1 and even surpassed in favor of silver.

Silver investments, silver purchase
In comparison to gold at a silver purchase there is due a value added tax.
Or silver can be kept in duty-free warehouses which charge a fee.
So normally you have the choice between the value added tax and the storage fee.
Alternatively with DAGs these costs can be avoided!

Each DAG represents 1 decagram (Dag, 10 grams) of silver reserves.
Each digital DAG is a share in the cooperative in terms of securities.

The only purpose of the cooperative is to own silver reserves.

At investments in cooperative shares there is no value added tax.
Any storage costs of the silver reserves are covered by the cooperative, there are no storage costs for the investor.
There is no sales margin.

DAG value
The current transfer value of 1 DAG is 12.00 CHF/USD/EUR/GBP.
Initially the value depends on the purchase costs, then on the value of the silver reserves.
Later the value depends on the asset value of the cooperative if higher.

DAG Silver coins
The minting of silver coins is planned in the future, so that digital DAG values can be changed to DAG coins.

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